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Who Let The Dogs Out? Puppy Overload

Ranger and Kiko are a huge part of our lives and when it's sunny, we make an effort to get outside with them so we can all stretch our legs.

Unfortunately, it's been raining like crazy in Seattle so when we were gifted with this incredibly sunny day...

We took full advantage of it and headed to the Marymoor Dog Park!

With the sunshine being out in Seattle, we had our fingers crossed that other dog owners would make the trek and let's just say we hit the jackpot. We saw dogs everywhere!

Make sure you watch the video so that you too can see all the different dogs that we got to see.

Ranger and Kiko both had a great time and passed out when we got home.

SPECIAL NOTE: Big shout out to everyone watching the videos and supporting us! It really is so cool to see all the messages and comments giving mad love to us. Hope you enjoy this video!


- Albert

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