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Meal Prep Services For The Win!!! (Crazy Easter Weekend)

We re-cap our crazy easter weekend in this Vlog!

With a crazy weekend headed our way, we were a little anxious to see how we would do with nutrition considering we've decided to be more strict on counting Macros.

Weekends tend to be the most challenging for eating enough but luckily we got a shipment in from Icon Meals!

Icon meals is a meal prep catering service that delivers real food (not frozen) to you and the best part is you get to pick your meals from a weekly changing menu. If you're short on time and need some compliant meals, this is a nice service.

Not only did we unbox this shipment, I also was able to do a sneaker unboxing from which was a shoe I had been waiting for.

I would definitely say this weekend was pretty accurate of what it's like for us to run a gym business (Reign Fitness & Performance) and try to keep up with a social life.

Spoiler Alert: It's really hard!

The only way that we could make it work was to split up and tackle different tasks alone. Mesha had the more difficult tasks like going to Costco and running errands where all I had to do was to do Fremont Scotch & Beerfest.

But regardless of how busy and hectic the weekend was, we were able to spend time with friends and family!

Hope you enjoy the VLOG!

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