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Mesha Gets A Tattoo!!! (We Celebrate Our Anniversary)

Holy Crap Mesha got a tattoo!

I can't believe it. Actually I can because one, Mesha is one Bad Ass Woman and two, we've been thinking about and planning this for a very long time.

This entire experience was dope because Angela, the Tattoo Artist, is also a member at our gym Reign Fitness & Performance and we have literally been telling her for the last year that we wanted to get some ink done.

But finally we scheduled a session for both of us to get inked!

Not only did we make an appointment, we set it up to be on our 6 month anniversary of our wedding just to make a little extra special.

We decided on the phrase...

"Stronger Together"

for both of us to get inked on our bodies and initially we were going to get it in each others hand writing but after a bunch of practicing... We decided to leave the artwork to the professionals.

Mesha was a complete Bad Ass, went in there and walked out with barely a flinch but me on the other hand I couldn't get one. Not because I was scared... (come on people)

But because Angela needed a little more time with the type of design and tattoo lettering that I wanted.

My advice for anyone who wants a tattoo...

If your tattoo artist says they need more time, give them more time because that artwork, good or bad, is going to be on you permanently.

So after Mesha got her dope tattoo done, we headed out to have lunch at the very spot of our first ever date, Toulouse Petit!

It's a cajun creole style restaurant here in Seattle and just a cool place for us to have as a First Date Spot.


Check out the video and make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven't already!

Thanks for watching/reading and being a part of our journey.

- Albert

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