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Full Body Workout Sweat Session | Workout Wednesdays Ep. 1

After receiving a lot of requests for more fitness related content and videos, we decided to get old school and do a workout video.

We also received some comments and messages asking us to give workouts that all of you can do with us at from wherever you're at.

So... here is an awesome workout that not only is time efficient but a killer workout.

This is a good workout for...

  • toning and building lean muscle

  • training the full body

  • weight loss

  • burning fat

  • and sweating

And trust me that it's easier to do it with a workout partner so make sure you hit up your training partner for this one.

If I didn't have Mesha there doing this with me, I would have gone way slower, cut back on reps, or just flat out stopped.

That's really is the secret to getting in shape...

Find someone to keep you accountable, support you, and also ready to workout along side you!

Hope you guys enjoy the workout and make sure to tell us what you thought about the workout either in the comments below or in the video comments section!

- Albert

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