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Albert Goes Under The Needle | No Pain, No Gain

I don't know why I use my first name in the title of these blogs because you probably already know that it's me writing but I just keep doing it because it's what we do on youtube, so bear with me. It bothers me just as much as it bothers you.


This video was nuts!

It was finally my turn to go and see Angela to get my tattoo, the same phrase Mesha got inked on her arm in this video here (Mesha Get's A Tattoo) "Stronger Together" and damn, that hurt more than I thought it would.

But the tattoo was important to me (important to both of us) as it really represents how we have to work together to be the best versions of ourselves and that this journey involves both of us. I think we have learned that over the last few years of working together, starting a business together, living together, getting married, and etc.

I was super thankful that Mesha was able to clear her schedule so that she could come with me as it was during the week.

Big shout out to Angela for everything and for really taking the time to make our ink special!

Hope you all enjoy this video.


- Albert

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