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2017 Lululemon Spring Shopping Haul (Workout Pants, Albert tries to win $200,000, Mall VLOG!!!)

After a crazy busy Saturday morning, Mesha and I spend the rest of the day together!

We first make an important work meeting that has been a long time coming and then we head to the mall where Mesha has been wanting to go to Lululemon. She got rid of and donated a lot of her older pairs and since she has some perks as an Ambassador, we rolled to the mall in search of some new training gear.

I wasn't really looking for anything but of course I like to stroll through the sneaker shops and see if anything pops out at me!

After the mall, we pretty much are exhausted so we pick up some food but have 20 minutes to kill and you know how hard it can be to kill time. We venture off to World Market, (Best Place Ever) and literally have the most fun we had all day!

Check out the rest of our adventures in the video and again if you haven't subscribed to our youtube channel...

Please take 2 seconds and subscribe so you can join us, Ranger & Kiko, and the rest of our Youtube Fam on our journey as a Married Couple, Entrepreneurs, and Fitness Enthusiasts living life!


- Albert

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