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March 2017 Sneaker Pickups (Adidas NMD's, Ultra Boosts, EQT's) | Mesha's Spring Lululemo

In this video we reveal...

What Mesha picked up from the 2017 Spring Lululemon line in the last VLOG where we went to the mall. She really breaks down what she looks for in workout pants for her particular style of training which is more crossfire and weightlifting.

I also thought that it would be cool to share all of our Sneaker Pickups in the month of March rather than just the pair that I bought at the mall that day. (Which I haven't bought a pair of shoes from the mall in forever)

Spoiler Alert: I was able to pickup the Adidas EQT ADV in the Zebra color way today on so it looks like I will actually be returning the pair in this video. Why? Mainly because of the material the shoe is made out of. I am just a way bigger fam of the prime knit material versus the mesh used on this grey pair of EQT's.

Hope you all enjoy the video!

Oh one more thing...

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