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3 Lessons I Learned About Business & Life From My Wednesday

I'm a creature of habit and I love routines.

Routines help me stay productive, allocate the right of amount of time necessary for certain tasks, and prevent me from over stressing. They also give me the necessary structure to run a business, be present in my relationships, and grow as an individual.

(This might be something I've learned from Mesha)

However, we all have those days when every little thing happens and just messes with your entire routine swag.

I mean come on, I work so hard to get my routine down but I get it, life happens.

Wednesday was one of those days...

Here are the 3 Lessons I learned About Business & Life From My Day

1. Show Up

Mondays and Wednesdays my schedule is jam packed. I literally have every hour of my day planned until the moment my head goes down around 2:30am. Freeing up time can be challenging and when things pop up, it's easy to get stressed.

Anyways, long story short, I had a meeting set for 11:30am today and the person no showed.

Well, they texted me at 11:50am saying they had the time wrong and by the time they noticed it was too late. This was someone I was doing a favor for and sure we all make mistakes but you gotta show up dude.

Whether it's a meeting, workout, or just helping somebody move...

If you say you're gonna be there, you gotta show up.

Don't worry about how things are going to turn out or what's going to happen, focus on step 1 and get your ass there.

If you're a no show, shows over.

2. Sometimes You Have To Take Care Of Things In Person

Right after the No Show meeting, I had another meeting scheduled down in Kent and it wasn't something that I had to be there in person for but the forms of contact we were utilizing like email, text, and chat weren't cutting it.

I've also now accepted the fact that not everyone communicates well over those platforms and sometimes if you want things to get moving forward you need to meet in person.

Which is exactly what I did.

I thought the meeting went well and learned a valuable lesson. "Sometimes you have to take care of things in person."

3. There Is Always Time

One thing I was worried about today was missing my workout.

I had planned that the meetings would pretty much eat up my training time and I would have to suffer eating a low macro day.

But what I ended up finessing into my day was a quick 40 minute workout and it was solid.

The reality is a workout doesn't have to be some rigid 1 hour training session program. Who even thought of this 1 hour workout idea because it's bogus. A workout can be 5-10-15 minutes long and I'm sure most people who train at Reign will agree that sometimes the shorter workouts are the worst!

My quick 40 minute workout was like 20 minutes of stretching/mobilizing then 20 minutes of a weightlifting circuit and it was perfect for today. Without it, I would of had to eat way less food (I love food) and probably would have been extra stressed out.

If I only had 30 minutes I would have warmed up for 15 minutes and then did a 15 minute workout.

If I had 20 minutes, then I would have done 10 and 10.

If I had 10, I would have done a workout that would have warmed me up and help me push my intensity, something with bodyweight.

You get the idea!

So the right amount of time to workout is whatever time you have and trust me...

There is Always time.

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