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Wednesday Whatever It Takes | April 19th 2017 | Mesha's Journal

Wednesday’s make me feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The week is halfway done and usually I’ve managed to get through a big chunk of my to-do list. So far, this week has been a little bit out of the ordinary because we are prepping for our Reign ‘Summer 17’ Fitness Challenge that starts next week.

I did fit in a little nap this morning with the pups. Ever since Albert bought black out curtains for our bedroom it’s been a game changer! I sleep so deeply and fall asleep quickly. I don’t wake up to sunshine. It is literally pitch black in our bedroom in the morning. Some people may not like that, but I personally feel it has helped my quality of sleep.

After eating breakfast and prepping our lunches, I headed to the gym with the pups. No Starbucks stop today. Wasn’t feeling coffee. Instead I had a pre-workout. I should also tell you that it is “Albert’s” pre-workout because he ordered it. But when you're married, what’s his is mine and what’s mine is his (most of the time.)

The programming this week has been a lot more metcons than usual as Jodeci and I are prepping for the Renton Crossfit Games on May 13th. I felt pretty good overall during my training. No pain in any movements, especially when it came to the deadlifts, pushups, thrusters and wall balls. The Wall Balls crushed me! I need to work on those more.

The rest of my day at the gym went by fast with coaching clients and barbell class. I knew I needed to make a stop at the grocery store on the way home because we are out of bananas and rice cakes. Those two things are a must have in our kitchen. (Of course with peanut butter.)

I ended up buying more things than I needed... like the 50% off Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. (Why did I buy two bags and then try to hid them at the bottom of the pantry?) I almost bought the big bag of Cadbury eggs because they were 50% off too! What an awesome deal.

I left QFC with two big paper bags full of groceries and 3 cases of Diet Soda.

Disclaimer: The Diet Soda is not for me. (It’s Albert's Vice and uses it when he starts cutting/dropping his macros for the summer). I hope he doesn’t get mad that I am sharing that with you.

Anyway, I do not like taking more than one trip from the parking garage up to our condo because we live on the third floor. Luckily we have an elevator. However, I will do WHATEVER it takes to not make another trip back downstairs to my car to get the rest of the groceries. Literally, I stacked the three cases of diet sodas under my armpits and somehow made it into the elevator with two paper bags, my 6 pack bag and my work bag. A guy even asked if I needed help keeping the elevator door open. I politely replied, ‘No Thank You.’ ‘It should stay open.’ He looked at me a little crazy. I didn’t care.

Yes, my arms lost circulation, I was sweating and my hair was a hot mess.

Like I said, I will do WHAT-EVER-IT-TAKES!

- Mesha

My Late Night Snack!

(That is an ​Ocho Caramel Candy if you're trying to zoom in on the pic lol, I know I would be!)

#Whateverittakes #meshasjournal #wednesday

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