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Toothache | April 21st 2017 | Mesha's Journal

I swear the Dentist jinxed me!

Ever since I went to my teeth cleaning last Friday, I’ve had a toothache! I am trying not to think too much about it but it’s been bothering me enough to take ibuprofen to ease the pain.

I’ve experienced this pain before literally the week of our wedding. I went in and they told me that I had an infection in my gum and tooth and I needed to get a root canal. I was on pain killers and I couldn’t chew anything on the left side of my mouth.

So there I was taking pain killers on our wedding day. I couldn’t even chew the meat that we had at our wedding. (Yes, we had Lechon!) The pain continued through our mini honeymoon because the infection I had was so deep. Needless to say, I survived all of that and I was told that I should go back to get the infection cleared up out of my gums.

Mini Honeymoon Palm Springs

Did I go back to do that?… (You already know the answer.)

I am hoping it isn’t anything serious. I just bought a sonic care and got fitted for a mouth guard because I grind my teeth at night as well as during the day (and through my workouts.) I promise that I had no pain in my mouth what-so-ever until I went to get my teeth cleaning done. He even asked me, ‘Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort anywhere?’ I said, ‘Nope.’

I’ve been tricked!

This is why I am not a big fan of the Dentist. Guess we will see what’s going on when I go to pick up my mouth guard next week. Or… if I will have to go in before that. Ahhh… I already have a feeling of what the problem is.

Root Canal!?!... Ahhh!

Wish me luck!

- Mesha

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