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He Made Me Do It!!! HIIT Conditioning Workout and Epic Smoothie

Our Sunday, was so much FUN because we were invited to go to our friends baby's first Birthday!

But if you don't know...

Korean and Filipino 1st birthdays (All Asians) are a big deal and it's a huge event with lots of FOOD. So in anticipation for the Korean and Filipino Food, we made sure to get in a quick workout, even though it was our rest day.

When your running short on time and didn't plan on going to the gym a great workout can be some HIIT work.

High intensity Interval Training is basically set amounts of work periods and rest periods which allow you to perform at a higher intensity over a set amount of time.

It's a great way to get in a lot of work in a short amount of time but be careful, if you haven't been regularly active, be sure to warm up well and take things slow. Start off at a lower intensity and work your way up.

Luckily we have a treadmill in our building, it was raining insane outside, and we jumped on for a quick partner workout.

Our Workout

1 minute (80%) effort

1 minute break (other partner goes)

Alternate for 10-20 rounds depending on your time.

We were able to get in 20 rounds! (we had to push Mesha just a little and she may claim that "he made me do it")

If you're just starting and looking to incorporate a workout like this try...

30 seconds of effort (conservative %)

1 minute active recovery/jog or walking

Repeat this for 10-20 rounds depending on how you feel!

After the workout, Mesha hooked it up with a bomb ass SMOOTHIE!

And even though it was my recipe, it always tastes better when someone else makes it right?

Inside the epic smoothie in case you were wondering:

Greek Yogurt



Vanilla Whey Protein

Acai Packet (Sambazon from Costco)

It's amazing how after an awesome workout, everything that you do after is just that much better!

We bolted to pickup some gifts for Ethan and then had a blast at his birthday!

But the most important takeaway from our Sunday was that we anticipated food and made a decision to earn it!

Always helps to have a partner keeping you accountable!

Hope you enjoy the VLOG and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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