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I Have The Most Thoughtful Husband | April 25th, 2017 | Mesha's Journal

I feel like a horrible wife. Has your husband or significant other ever tried to surprise you and you didn’t have the best reaction?

Yeah… well, that was me tonight.

As you know, I’ve been dealing with this horrible toothache, so today I went to the dentist to find out what’s going on. Of course, to my luck, they told me I needed to get a root canal. I was hoping to get the root canal done today because I've been in pain these past couple days and last night was the worst!

Unfortunately, I will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see Dr. Brandon Yamamura who is an amazing Endodontic. He did my other root canal. Thankfully, the dentist prescribed me some pain meds to help me sleep tonight. I can’t even describe the pain that I am feeling but it’s definitely a dull-throbbing pain that is super uncomfortable.

Tuesday’s are longer days at the gym for me and I usually get home around 8:15pm. Albert offered to pick up my prescription so I could come straight home which I thought was sweet of him. I had the pups (Kiko and Ranger) with me today and everything takes a little longer when it comes to going anywhere. (Plus, I tend to take my time…) I also like to prep the gym for Coach Willie and have the workouts written on the board for him in the morning.

After I finished taking the dogs out to go to the bathroom, I was ready to come home, take my pain meds, shower, eat and relax. When I went to open our door, it was locked. Albert quickly unlocked it and then turned on one of the box lights and grabbed the camera. I had no idea what he was doing and at that moment I didn’t care because I was so focused on getting rid of the pain in mouth as soon as possible.

Then I hear Albert say, ‘Babe, I have a surprise for you.’ (Reminder that the camera is in my face and I look like a hot mess.)

I reply, “I am not in the mood for surprises right now.” (How rude of me to say.)

Albert then shows me a box which is in the shape of a shoe box. I start to get excited inside but it’s really hard for me to express it on my face. (You’ll see in the YouTube video.)

I open the box and inside there was another shoe box… it was a VANS Shoe Box! I was so happy inside and thankful for such a thoughtful husband to go to the mall today to buy me a pair of the Old Skool black and white VANS. And they are the low tops.

"Albert had a pair of them first and then I told him I wanted a pair so we could be twins."

They fit perfectly and I can’t wait to wear them. I felt so bad after all of that because I know he thought I would have reacted differently. And honestly, I probably would have. I blame the toothache!

I do want to share with all of you that I have the best husband in the whole wide world. Albert always thinks of me, takes care of me and will do anything to make me feel better. He is everything that I am not. He is always full of surprises and makes me feel like the most luckiest woman in the world.

So, thank you babe for everything that you do for me, us, our little family, our Reign Family and our community. Love you so much.

- Mesha

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