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BLEACH IN MY TEETH | Thursday, April 27th, 2017 | Mesha's Journal

I don’t mean to bore you with another blog entry about my teeth, but I can’t keep this to myself.

As you know I got a root canal yesterday and turns out I also have an infection in my gums. No wonder why it was throbbing so bad.

Anyway, I was running late to my appointment which makes me stressed out because I don’t like being late. (This is Albert’s biggest pet peeve…) Albert always says, ‘If you are ON TIME, you ARE LATE.’ So our general rule is to arrive early to any events we are invited to. Most of the time it works, but sometimes we may be running behind schedule and it is usually because of me.

My appointment started off with getting 3D X-rays done. The machine they use is crazy. I have to bite down on this thing while the machine moves around my head and face. Then it was time for them to show me my ugly tooth and everything that’s going on. I just wanted to get the root canal done and over with.

I dislike the part where they make you put on those silly sunglasses (safety glasses) and put that needle in your mouth to numb you. Then they put that stupid block thing on the opposite side from where they will be drilling to keep your mouth open. Oh, gosh and that damper thing! I hate that thing! Luckily, this is not my first root canal. I’ve had at least 3-4? I can’t remember. I am blessed with bad teeth genes. I blame my parents.

After about 5 minutes of sitting in the dentist chair waiting for my mouth to get numb, Brandon started drilling into the tooth. It smelled so gross! I couldn’t believe it. It smelled like protein! HA! Then, I see him use a syringe with this clear stuff in it to clean inside my tooth several times. It smelled sort of like bleach? When I finally got a break from the drilling and them cleaning out my tooth I had to ask him what was that clear stuff he was using in my tooth.

It took Brandon a moment to understand what I was asking because I had the damper thing over my mouth and my mouth was numb. He told me that he uses bleach to clean inside the tooth and disinfect all the germs.

How crazy is that?

Does your dentist use bleach to clean your tooth and prep for a root canal?

The good thing to note is that my Endodontists is thorough and has done an amazing job on my root canals!

Bleach in my teeth. Forever clean.

- Mesha

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