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Rent Is Due Everyday, Especially Mondays | Albert's World

When the weekend ends and you feel like you could use a couple more days, Mondays can disguise itself as something nasty.

But I've realized, if you want to have a good day or even a good week, it's all about momentum and for me it starts the moment that I wake up.

I literally have to tell myself out loud that,

"Today is going to be a great day and nothing can take that away from me if I commit right now!"

It's a decision that you have to make every single morning and a contract that you have to sign every single day. It really reminds me of that quote from JJ Watt, "Success is not owned, it's leased and rent is due every day." And regardless of whether or not you like JJ Watt and the Texans, it's a good quote and one that gives me goosebumps.

Monday of this week was definitely challenging as the morning kicked off with a ton of emails and when I see a big number of unread emails in my inbox, it instantly gives me anxiety.

It never used to be like that.

Emails were fun and exciting because it was usually a shipping confirmation from a company that I've ordered something from or a special offer that I could take advantage of.

Now it's issues that require lots of problem solving and fire extinguishing! (I realized as an entrepreneur and small business owner, a large part of your job is extinguishing fires and different problems everywhere, which is why I call myself a firefighter which is also what I wanted to be before I got into the fitness industry)

But it's part of the job and I was determined to not let that bring me down so with the dogs looking at me funny, I kept repeating my mantra out loud... "today is going to be a great day!" (Mesha says the same Mantra)

The rest of the day was about scheduling my priorities (not prioritizing my schedule) and focusing on clients but one thing I will say is that making time in my day for a workout is so important and before I can start training I need to have a clear head.

This means no emails, no work, no business, no drama, no stress.

I need to be thinking about my training, focusing on the goals of the day, and working hard.

I hate using my workouts as a form of "stress relief" because I don't like training like that. It doesn't help me get better or "make gains" as they say. It's my time to better myself and I like to be selfish about that time and I've lost too many training days by letting work/stress overstep into that time.

If you've been using working out and training as an outlet for your stress, I want to encourage you to get away from that mindset. Leave that drama at home and be selfish about your time.


Well, like they tell you every time you fly, put the mask on yourself first before helping others.


Take care of yourself first so that you can better serve others.

At least that's what I keep telling myself and practicing.

Monday turned out to be pretty awesome and regardless of how much "The devil was trying to bring me down" (Something I was telling myself all day lol) I persevered through (If He is for me, who can be against me/also something I was telling myself all day) and made it a great day!

Sign your contract every morning, make the decision right then and there to make it a great day, and go make it happen!

#fitness #life #winyourday

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