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16 Weeks Down... A Bunch More to Go! | Mesha's Journey

16 Week Update: Cheers for my very first baby bump pic!

I am so excited to share this journey with all of you.

• I had no idea I was pregnant until I was 6 weeks (picture on left). Now, in my second trimester at 15 weeks (picture on right), I am feeling good and strong. Some days I am tired but I am mostly hungry. I feel the best when I workout and sweat! I am extremely grateful for no morning sickness. Hormones are more manageable this trimester versus the first 🤣!

• I’ve gained a total of about 7 pounds so far and I am eating pretty clean with the occasional 🍪 , 🍩 , 🍕 and just more carbs in general. I love 🍦, Fresh salads and any Asian food!

• My training hasn’t changed too much and I am fortunate to have an amazing husband who is so loving, understanding and supportive. He takes the time to program workouts for me every day based on how I am feeling — with the main goal of having a healthy strong mama and baby!

• It is important for me to stay active, eat well and bring good vibes only to my daily routine for my baby, my body, and myself.

♥️ Thank you to everyone for the continued love and support thus far. I truly appreciate it! ♥️

Enter Albert:

What an incredible ride it's been so far with Mesha's pregnancy and I know we haven't even scratched the surface yet but...

because so many of our friends and family have expressed interest in Mesha's Pregnancy journey we decided that we would try our best to keep everyone updated.

We also thought this would especially interest women that are pregnant, looking to become pregnant and want to gain some insight into their fitness/working out process during pregnancy.

By no means is this intended to be a "How to" about anything, because we're figuring things out as we go and even though I've coached a lot of personal training clients through their pregnancies...

It's different when it's your own wife.

And when we started researching more about working out and pregnancy - we found a ton of information that left us with more questions.


This series will simply be documenting and sharing Mesha's Journey and what she gives us the okay on to take from her personal journal. If you're really interested in her day to day, follow her on Instagram and her stories as she does a pretty awesome job of sharing her day. She shares everything from what she eats, her workouts, the things she does to run a business, and stuff that she does for fun!

Please follow mine too because I need more followers, lol, and I try to keep it entertaining. Plus, a lot of my Instagram stories feature My Wife and our dogs.

Nemesia's Instagram: @nemsianani

Albert's Instagram: @albykennethpark


I'm just here for support, technical support (getting these blogs up lol), and I promise to try my best to keep things entertaining. Who knows, maybe we'll VLOG a little bit and get back to posting on our Youtube Channel. I can even start posting her workouts and what we program her if you want, just comment below and I'll see.

What I'll probably do is load one of her journal entries for each post until we get caught up to the current date and then we will be positing just keep updating entries.

Okay, here's from one of Mesha's Journal entries:

Monday June 4th, 2018 (8 Weeks)

Today was a little challenging.

I woke up early to get started with my Nutrition Coaching Client Check-ins and I just had so many emails!

I feel like some days, my to do list never ends.

Still no morning sickness...

Got to the gym in time to prep for my first coaching session but felt a little rushed preparing for the day. Preparing our lunches (for Albert and Myself) and snacks for me to eat throughout the day does take a lot of time but it has to be done because I know one day of missing it can lead to a lot more days.

I got a coffee but had a tough time drinking it today and didn't finish it. It's weird because I love coffee and even though we researched that up to 200mg of caffeine is okay to drink daily for women who are pregnant, I think I'm going to cut it out completely soon.

My energy was pretty good with my 10am Ladies but started feeling a little tired after Marsha who I train at 11am. (She's awesome!) I felt a little off because I was so HUNGRY, I even had to sit down for a bit after the session while I ate a little something.

I noticed that I was sitting down a lot more today.

*Pregnancy is still a secret so it's hard to act normal when I'm not feeling 100%


Training felt good and I'm learning how to not overly brace my diaphragm and hold my breath when lifting which is hard because that's how you're supposed to lift and how I've been lifting for the last 5 years throughout my training.

But by keeping the weight a little lighter, a lot lighter than I'd like to, I'm able to continue to breathe and most importantly keep the baby safe which is priority number one.

Finished my workout in time to eat lunch and regain energy before coaching my 5pm Barbell Class and I wolfed it down! I was definitely hungry again!

Class went awesome by the way... but after that I was ready to go home.

Got home, finished up some laundry, showered (had to wash my hair) and ate dinner.

Dinner was home made Nachos with a taco salad. So yummy!

Ready to pass out.

Mesha's Nachos: Measure chips, spread them out on a oven safe tray... weigh out cheese and sprinkle over them - place in oven for 10-15 minutes @ 350 degrees. Then make taco salad... chopped lettuce, ground turkey, pico de Gallo, and other favorite toppings.

I like to load each chip with ingredients from taco salad and eat perfect bites until it's all gone!

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