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Good Days, Bad Days, Crazy Days (8 Weeks) | Mesha's Pregnancy Journey

In order to get you caught up, I'm combining a few of Mesha's Journal entries by week...

This week will feature some post from her journal in Week 8, the next post will feature posts from Week 9, and so on etc.

We'll do this until we're all caught up!

Here is Mesha:

Wednesday - June 6th, 2018 (8 Weeks)

What. A. Rough. Day!

It all started last night when I got woken up with cramps.

No matter what I did, I couldn't get comfortable.

My energy was just so Sh*tty all day and it was the first time I felt a little nauseous but I wasn't hungry for real food.

All I wanted to do was go home, lay down, and cry because I didn't feel good!

Albert was so great, he encouraged me to workout and move so I could feel better and he was right. I did a short workout and then took the pups for a walk and it gave me some sanity and helped me feel so much better.

He literally just told me to jump on an assault bike and pedal for 5 minutes to get moving and then see how I was feeling. Sure enough I was starting to feel better and as soon as those endorphins kicked in, I was ready to move more.

The Workout:

I didn't eat enough protein today and all I was craving was crackers (Wheat thins), ritz crackers, and chocolate.

Not a great eating day.

Thursday - June 7th, 2018 (8 Weeks)

Today was a complete 180 from yesterday.

My energy was high, appetite was back, I felt focused, and just overall was feeling good.

I felt patient, which is always a good sign these days (except or the person who turned in front of me and didn't use their turn signal, I had to lay on the horn and let them know they were being stupid).

Side Note: My weight is still hovering between 120-122lbs

Today was also my appointment for a physical. I got a pap and blood work done for my thyroid which is never fun but I'm happy to say that I AM HEALTHY!

No thyroid issues and my lungs are good too.

And despite working hard to eat well and train consistently, I still get nervous when I go to the doctor, especially now because I'm doing it for the baby too. (I wonder if anyone else get's nervous too?) Luckily I really liked my new doctor!

My blood pressure was 100/60

My resting heart rate was 51 bpm

Today, I also tried to change my legal name with the social security office which was a giant fail because there were a million people there waiting in line!

Note to self: Make an appointment next time.

After the social security office, I went into Lululemon and met with Shelby and Courtney, they gave some tools to help with management and some books for our team that help identify our strengths. Getting the support from our local Lululemon is definitely a perk of being a Lululemon Ambassador!

Shelby (One of the Managers) also let me pick out some shorts for Jodeci, Divina, and Mi who are competing in the Crossfit Comp on Saturday. It was nice to get some gear for them even though I wasn't competing. I wonder if any of the girls know the real reason why I'm not competing? Can they tell from my mood swings?

I did however pick out some stuff for myself, which felt really good.

I also picked up a scuba hoodie for my sister as a little present to celebrate her passing boards.

Retail therapy definitely helped today and I hope everyone likes the things I picked out!

Training felt good, I'm just getting out of breath quickly.

It's hard but I'm getting used to that and I know it will get better with time.

Ate some nachos for dinner and just felt a little more normal today, a little more like me before pregnancy.

I hope that I feel this good tomorrow!

Sunday - June 10th, 2018 (8 Weeks)

Woke up early to head to the gym and fit in a workout.

I needed it after all the food I ate yesterday, I feel like a balloon!

We were running around all day and spent time out at the Crossfit Comp where we had 5 Reign Fitness Teams competing. Cravings kicked in yesterday and I wanted Thai food, cookies, gyros, and OMG it was crazy.

Today, Albert and I did a partner workout which felt nice to sweat and burn some calories.

I can't eat like that anymore.

I will not bake cookies and keep them in the house anymore!

After the workout, we picked up the cutest little bouquet of flowers for my Presley's (niece) dance recital on the way home. We scrambled to get showered and ready to go, luckily the recital was close by.

It was the cutest thing EVER!

I teared up because it was so cute, plus the pregnancy hormones are real strong right now.

Afterwards, we picked up Vegan cupcakes for Divina, came home and finished up some work (we're always working on Sundays these days). I had to eat a little mini meal because I was HUNGRY!

We headed over to my parents for dinner to celebrate Divina passing her boards. I didn't really talk to anyone too much because I was just exhausted. It's really hard to act "normal" especially because nobody knows I'm pregnant (besides Albert) and it definitely does a take a toll on you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It's also really hard to act like nothing bothers you when it does and even more when you have all these pregnancy hormones going crazy in you! I wish I could just share the news and share how I'm feeling so people would understand.

I did eat...

I ate 4 pieces of fried chicken, 1/2 cup rice, 1 short rib, veggies, and some corn!

I still feel sort of fat today but really, really, really tired.

I couldn't wait to get home and relax after such a long day!

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