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A Pregnant Ladies Night, Father's Day Weekend (Week 9) Part 2 | Mesha's Pregnancy Journey

Friday, June 15th, 2018 "Ladies Night Dinner"

Was up early (4am) to help assist one of our New Coaches, Erika, with morning classes.

Came home after the morning classes finished and went down for a nap!

Woke up after a couple hours to get ready for our weekly team meeting and decided to make a smoothie. I've been really on this smoothie kick right now, such a great way to get in protein, tons of fruits, and pack in the dense nutrients.

A lot of people have been asking about protein powders too and I've been using greek yogurt, maybe I'll start using some protein powder soon.

After the team meeting, Albert and I got in a workout...

I wanted to get in a good workout because I had a "Ladies Night" planned with some friends. Anytime I know I'm going out, I'm always planning for it by making sure I get a solid training session in, looking at the menu ahead of time, and eating more compliant throughout the day.

I felt really good lifting today and even worked up to a working weight at 185lbs... Still only 65% of my max but that's where Albert wanted to work at. Honestly, I wanted to lift more - some days I feel like the pregnancy hormones give me extra strength Lol!

Headed home after the workout and started getting ready to go out with Seon, Mary, and Jodeci!

I was so excited to get a chance to hang out with these Ladies and equally excited to wear my black pants that just came back from getting hemmed. I took them to get hemmed a few weeks ago, completely forgot about them and was so excited to wear them because I could hide my growing baby bump.

I'm getting a little self-conscious about my stomach because no one knows yet!

We went out to Heartwood Provisions in downtown Seattle!

It was definitely a challenge going into this night because they didn't know I was pregnant and when I go out with them I usually have a one drink. (I love to get a tequila drink with a little spice) But Jodeci was also not drinking so it wasn't too bad not drinking.

The ridiculous thing was that we talked about pregnancy for a lot tonight! LOL!

I don't think anyone suspected anything though.

My burger was pretty good, would of been better but I had to get it well done... Luckily the fries were good!

Fun night catching up with these ladies!

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

What a busy day!

I feel like a say that a lot LOL!

It started off with the Challenge Results Party we hosted at the gym... I'm so proud of everyone who participated and it's always inspiring to hear about everyone's journey.

After the challenge we headed out with the family (The Park side) to go watch one of Parker's (nephew) games in a tournament he was playing in over the weekend. The family got together to celebrate Father's Day at his game since his tournament was all weekend long.

Had fun playing with Presley on the playground and spending time with everyone.

After the game, we were starving!

So, we went to our go to...

Chicken Teriyaki - Only this time I was also craving tempura vegetables!

We got it to go, I ate some on the way home which always bothers Albert LOL but I was hungry. The rest of the night was chill, we ate, hung out with the dogs, and watched a movie.

Sunday, June 17th "Father’s Day"

Today was Father's Day and I was really excited to take my dad to this restaurant in Seattle called Derby because they feature Classic Cars. My dad is really into cars by the way!

He was already looking around the showroom when we got there.

Brunch was good even though they didn't have French Toast which I had already picked out from looking at the menu for like a week. I was so bummed! Got a classic breakfast instead and it was good.

I purposely work my black flowy pants to cover my new little belly that's been growing or at least I think it's growing. No one knows about the pregnancy yet so I'm still a little self conscious about my stomach sticking even a little bit. (I really wish I could have told my Dad today)

After Brunch we gave him gifts and took care of the bill.

I know it's a small thing but it feels nice to be able to take care of the bill for my parents, makes me feel like I'm starting to take care of them now.

Before we left, we got to go on a tour of the garage showroom and see all the cars they have stored there. My dad was like a kid a candy shop, so cute! He was telling us stories about every car we saw.

After brunch we headed home and spent the rest of the day cleaning, getting laundry done, organizing, and of course catching up on a little bit of work. I swear as an entrepreneur, we spend at least an hour or two getting a head start on the work week every Sunday. A necessary sacrifice we have to make.

I didn't feel like eating anything at home but still wanted something Macro friendly, so Albert and I decided on Chipotle for dinner. He definitely likes it a lot more than me but I always love it when we get to go out and spend time with each other.

Later that night around 11:30pm - Karisa (cousin) and Michelle (friend) showed up to stay for a couple days from Hawaii. Michelle's looking for a wedding dress here in Seattle.

Couldn't believe I had to keep this pregnancy a secret from them too.

I feel like this is the hardest part, not being able to share the good news yet.

#MeshasJourney #Pregnancy

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