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Lake Chelan Getaway (Week 10) | Mesha's Pregnancy Journey

Welcome to Week 10 of Mesha's Pregnancy Journal!

We're still playing catch up with all of these entries but currently she's right in the middle of Week 18 and still going strong. Can't wait to share everything that's happening now, how her training has changed, and the pregnancy reveals!

Here's Mesha:

Monday June 18, 2018

So tired and exhausted today!

Was up late visiting with Karisa (Cousin) and Michelle.

Busy day training clients, getting lots of work done.

Even thought I was tired, I had a great training day.

Food has been off, lots of cravings.

Karisa and Michelle stopped by the gym for the first time to say hi and checkout the new facility.

I've been so hungry!

Late dinner at Black Bottle with everyone to see cousin in town.

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Slept in a little more today!

Then made my way back to the social security office today to get my name changed. Finally after a couple years of marriage LOL, unfortunately it took two hours!I wa so upset because I got kicked out of line for having mace on my key chain (Thanks Albert j/k). I had to take it off, go put it in the car, and then get into the back of the line. Despite a long wait, I managed to turn a negative into a positive and answer emails. I feel like I'm always looking for an opportunity to get some work done, probably because there's always work to be done.

My New Name...

Nemesia Nani Ramolete Park.

Felt good to keep Ramolete in my last name, since I have a sister and all girl cousins - if we don't keep it in there somehow, I'm afraid everyone will lose it.

Training felt great today, I started with 205lbs then dropped to 185lbs on my deadlift after three rounds. It fell a little too much, can't explain but just felt a little heavy and I'm learning to listen to my body a lot more considering there's a little human growing in there. I know some people will see pictures of me lifting and have opinions once I share that I'm pregnant but I trust my husband (he's trained a lot of ladies through pregnancy). I feel like he's more cautious of everything then I am LOL. I just want to lift!

Push press started with 35lbs but dropped down to 30lbs once I felt my form starting to go a little. Good technique over weights!

Was feeling pretty good today, I'm starting to realize that even more than before - eating a lot throughout the day is key for me to maintain good energy for work and training. Finished the day training clients which went well and made a quick stop at the grocery for some random snacks on the way home. LOL!

I wanted something for dinner and settled on pasta (chicken ravioli) it was delicious.

The baby is making me hungry!

Thursday June 21, 2018 "Leave For Lake Chelan"

I've been wanting to do something special for Albert's Birthday coming up and when I asked him he just said he wanted to go somewhere with the Dogs LOL! The last trip we took them on was to Cannon Beach (Kiko was a puppy) so it's been long overdue and I know Albert was excited to go to Lake Chelan. Thankfully we had an amazing friend who offered us their beautiful home to stay at, we are seriously so blessed to have people always thinking of us.

This was also my first "trip" being pregnant and it was kind of fun to just celebrate it together as a little family. I feel like once we found out about the baby - it's just been a really tough game trying to keep it a secret for awhile and after doing a lot of research, I think we're going to wait until my birthday which will be about 14-15 weeks.

We woke up at 4:30am to leave for Chelan and I was pretty tired but I really wanted to get the most out of our day! Sure enough as soon as we hit the road I fell asleep for a good hour until we hit our first pit stop for the dogs to go potty LOL. (Something about road trips makes me just fall asleep.)

After hitting the road for a couple more hours we made it to Beautiful Lake Chelan! I haven't been here since I was a little kid so it was like seeing everything for the first time. It's such a gorgeous place with a cute little town.

The house is incredible and I can't believe we get to stay here for the weekend.

We unpacked, got the dogs settled, and headed out for our first mission of the day which was brunch. I've been eyeing the menu at Blueberry Hill Farm for the last week after a few friends had recommended, it was O.K.

I think my expectations were too high or maybe because I'm pregnant - it didn't quite hit the spot. However, it was fun driving down little roads to a farm for brunch. The farm restaurant was so cute, the wait for a table was not.

After Brunch, we came back and just enjoyed the beautiful house, the patio, and laid out in the sun. Albert took a nap inside with Kiko while I sun bathed a bit with Ranger. That's usually how it goes lol.

My Aunt and Uncle happen to also be in Lake Chelan for a Cycling event, so we met up with them for dinner and we had Mexican! I love Mexican! The funny thing was they thought it was our Wedding Anniversary and wanted to buy us dinner. It's not, our wedding anniversary is in September and we ended up buying them dinner LOL!

Firday June 22, 2018 "Day 1 Lake Chelan"

Slept in and it felt so good!

I can't tell you the last time I was able to just sleep until the sun woke me up naturally. Let me also say that is truly amazing to be able to wake up, walk out onto a warm sun soaked patio overlooking a beautiful lake and just take a big breath of fresh air first thing in the morning. I feel so blessed.

Albert and Ranger got up too, Kiko stayed in bed.

One thing Albert and I always do when we travel is workout, we try to keep our routine the same as if we were home - it really is a lifestyle - and for this trip we had already decided that most of our training would be metabolic, running, and bodyweight work.


Albert came up with a workout that we could do right here at the house where all the exercises would be done on the front porch and we would run a set distance on the street. (The quiet neighborhood roads made it possible for this) We also had to get going early because it get's hot real fast! I think it was like 78 degrees at 9am.

The Workout:

10 Pushups + 10 Squats + 200m run

x 10 rounds for time

It took me about 25 minutes and it was real sweaty but so much fun!

We had some music playing and the dogs chillin on the front porch. Luckily the front porch is covered and in the shade. I would say the main thing for me especially being new at this pregnant and working out thing was to make sure I wasn't breathing too hard. Albert talked to me along the runs which is a great way to know you're at a conversational pace and I just took my time. (If you can talk it means you can breathe)

After the workout we wanted to have a family day so we packed everything we needed up and headed to Lake Chelan Park, which was said to be dog friendly. The drive there was beautiful and dogs had their heads out the window the entire time.

Today was so hot, but it felt good and we found a great spot with a covered table area to set up for the afternoon. Unfortunately the dogs had a ton of energy and went wild playing in the Lake, digging in the sun, swimming, and fetching sticks. All this meant no naps and relaxation for me but I'm glad the dogs had fun.

Once we realized that laying out in the sun wasn't going to be an option for us with two dogs, we packed up and headed back to the house. Dogs instantly passed out when we got home and we all laid out on the back patio soaking up the Lake Chelan Sun.

Tonight we had a Pizza Date Night and ventured out for some Ice Cream!

Usually when I eat a lot of random things that's normally not in my diet I get a slight stomach ache but I don't know if it's the pregnancy but I was feeling good with everything. The ice cream made Albert feel sick LOL but he knew what he was getting himself into.

Ended the night watching a movie. We watched American Made with Tom Cruise. What a crazy Movie!!!

Saturday June 23, 2018 "Day 2 Lake Chelan"

Another good night of sleep.

Did a workout on the deck and it was "A Lotta Tabattas" LOL. These are perfect for travel workouts, when you don't have a lot of equipment, or when you don't have access to a gym. We did it first thing in the morning, turned on some tunes, and went to work. The weird thing is, I'm starting to feel and look pregnant. My stomach just started to bulge a little bit and I feel bloated all the time. Might be a little extra today from last night's pizza and ice cream.

We also did a bunch of core work which left my abs sore for the rest of the day.

We had the most amazing Breakfast Burritos down at the Riverside Cafe and I can honestly say that it has been my favorite meal so far. The wait was kind of long but it was totally worth it. We just sat outside with the dogs and people watched. Everyone always comes up to us and showers Ranger and Kiko with lots of love.

Albert also got some muffins which were AMAZING! I'm pretty sure I ate most of it LOL!

We spent the day being beach bums. Laying in the sun, snacking, reading, and of course napping. I love getting in the sun.

Dinner was simple at a restaurant in the cute little town but after I wanted Ice Cream again! Albert pleaded for no more dairy so we went to a fro yo instead LOL!

Sunday June 24, 2018 "Coming Home"

Woke up early and headed down into town so we could get a workout n the park.

It was running and squats. Sometimes the best workouts are quick, simple, and just get you moving.

The Workout:

1/2 Mile Warmup Run


Complete For Time:

1/2 Mile Run

100 Squats

1/2 Mile Run

It was so awesome to be outside and workout with such a beautiful view and I honestly feel like I need to do get outside more often.

Ate brunch again at the Riverside Cafe, I had French Toast, eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Albert had the breakfast burrito again LOL! Brunch was delicious!

When we got home, we packed up, got the dogs ready, and headed home!

It was seriously such an amazing trip and we're so blessed to have people thinking of us and willing to share their home so that we can create lifelong memories. We celebrated the pregnancy, Albert's Birthday, and it was everything and more.

Can't wait to come back to Lake Chelan!

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