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Getting My Hair Done While Pregnant (Week 12) | Mesha's Pregnancy Journey

Monday July 2, 2018

Didn’t sleep well last night, was feeling tired and sore.

Last night I was just so hot and so was Albert. I would wake up when he would wake up. He would wake up when I woke up.

And of course... I'm still waking up in the middle of the night a thousand times to go pee so that doesn't help.

My abs/core is so sore still. Feeling a little more hungry today and I don’t feel like I need to or should be eating all the time and this much. Definitely feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. My pants are noticeably tighter. Ugh.

I've officially realized my macros need to be changed, adjusted, or whatever. They need to be addressed.

It's just been difficult sticking to them with my appetite increasing. I've been craving more fruits and snacks. Some days are more difficult than others but I need to do more research.

We also started brainstorming some different ideas on how to tell everyone about the pregnancy. It's harder than you think.

Tuesday July 3, 2018

Happy today because I got to get my hair done with Albert.

Albert cut his hair (not all of it, just a trim) and I also got a trim and blonde balayage. I love it. Makes me feel good and pretty. Definitely would suggest any pregnant women to schedule a hair appointment or some self beauty treatment. Ended up telling Joe that I was pregnant, I wanted to make sure that there weren't any chemicals being used that shouldn't be.

But with Balayage, nothing touches the scalp and we cleared the "what to watch out for chemicals" with our Midwife to make sure.

We did go to Lulu before our hair appointment to pick up stuff for some friends and I ended picking out some tanks for myself. I can tell my belly is getting bigger and I just wanted some tanks that I could feel comfortable in.

They were too big...Ugh, so now I have to take them back.

We decided to eat lunch at Monsoon and I had Drunken Chicken with Rice and some crispy imperial rolls. Super delicious — only because I was starving.

Even though I got my hair done, I'm not feeling very confident in my body or training.

I feel weak, bloated, unattractive, and un-inspirational. I know it's just hormones and being over emotional about everything but it still sucks. (Getting my hair done did help and did give me a boost)

Appreciate Albert so much and for massaging my feet, legs, and traps.

Theme of the day: I'm moody, bloated, and can't poop. Uggh!

Wednesday: 4th of July

Productive day of paying bills and getting things checked off my to-do-list! (I guess that's what holidays can be good for.)

Feeling really pregnant today but decided to go into the gym before The Jang's 4th of July BBQ so that we could burn some calories. It wasn't easy to go into the gym. My body is changing faster than I can get used to it. I'm bigger, not as lean, not as strong, and I'm always hungry. I notice it even more at the gym because all my clothes are fitting tighter and it's not easy.

Thankful that Albert programmed a really great workout for me that gave me an opportunity to both lift a bit heavier, do some bodybuilding, and sweat. Kept music loud to distract Kiko from people letting off fireworks early.

We came home walked the pups to help them get some energy out especially with Kiko's fireworks anxiety which is really bad.

Went to David and Mary’s for the BBQ and I swear everyone was looking at me. Maybe it was just in my head but it really did feel weird probably because I was pretending to be normal and not preggo too. LOL! I just want to tell everyone already!

Started eating a little bit of everything, I was Hungry - dove into the fried chicken that we brought. (Albertsons fried chicken is delicious)

Ate way too many Paqui chips. (Need to find them)

Feeling fat and bloated.

Thursday July 5, 2018

Got Acai bowls with Jodeci!

It was great to talk, catch up outside the gym, and build our relationship.

It's important to remember that not everyone will respond to a pregnancy the same way. I've never done this before but I'll remember this from now especially as we start to tell more people. Overall, beautiful day, yummy Acai bowls, (I prefer HB Beverage, their granola is the best).

All my clients had a great training session today!

After coaching clients I went back to the salon because we saw Joe on the 4th and he wanted to touch up my hair because he wanted to re-tone it. It is now a little more blonder/Ashier.

Albert grabbed us some teriyaki on his way home for work. He texted me a picture of the cutest puppies that were waiting with him. (OMG, is it crazy that I would take another puppy!)

Friday July 6, 2018

Today was Reign First Friday!

Was up early to assist Erika with morning classes, woke up at 3:45am.(I think I slept only 4-5 hours and I was so tired. Picked up coffee, donuts and ice for our Redbull sponsor. Chucks donuts messed up my donut order! Boo!

After classes, I came home and napped then back to the gym by 11am for a couple meetings.

No training today.

We took the pups for a long walk, tried to nap and relax before heading to a friend's house for a family style dinner. (It was also to celebrate Albert and my birthdays.)

We surprised them with the news and Seon was so excited. Mary knew all along, DJ was a little emotional and Ki was happy he won the bet. They had a running bet going on about when we'd be pregnant which started last Oktoberfest when we all went to Leavenworth. LOL!

It was a super late night, everyone celebrated with lots of drinks (except me) and they ended up playing rock band. Albert got super serious about the video game and ended up taking DJ and Ki on tour LOL. (This is why he doesn't play video games anymore)

I ate doritos as my drinking snack since I can’t drink.

Dinner was good, I had beef, rice and veggies! Cake for dessert.

Everyone did the beer syringe that Albert got for his birthday. So happy I don’t have to drink!

Didn't get to bed until 3am... So Tired!

Saturday July 7, 2018

Slept in because I was so tired from being up SO late.

Today is IKEA DAY!

Bought some curtains, a new coffee table and some other organizational things that I need to get into place.

I enjoyed a yummy non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt from IKEA.

Got home and de-compressed!

Sunday July 8, 2018

Surprised Albert’s parents, sister, Parker and Presley with the news!

Didn't go as planned considering my in-laws were too busy chasing the kiddos around (Parker 9, Presley 6) and they didn't really get the onesie we gave them. We did kind of expect this after watching some pregnancy reveal videos and a ton of parents not connecting the dots on pregnancy reveal gifts. LOL

It was a big fail that left me feeling a little sad because I really wanted to surprise them and make it a special moment. Albert warned me that Korean people and the culture isn't quite as responsive to these kind of things. But they seemed happy about the news.

Presley was the most excited about the baby and let us know that she wants it to be a girl. She went ahead and listed 10 or so names for us to choose from that she likes too. LOL so cute.

But we went to Albert's Parents house to celebrate Albert's Birthday and Parker's Birthday! We had some delicious Korean food that his mom made... And Dad grilled Korean Short Ribs outside for everyone to eat. He grilled so much! They always want us to eat so much food.

Parker got upset because Presley blew out too many candles on the cake and then Albert played a joke on him and tried to smash his face into the cake. He got pissed LOL what a day - But it's always good to see the kids and the in-laws. (Still so happy that we only have to drive to Federal Way and not Port Orchard!)

Came home, meal prepped and got ready for the week.

Albert suggested I call and tell my cousins Karisa and Reyna in Hawaii about the pregnancy. So we sent them a photo via text saying FaceTime me right away. Karisa was working a wedding and couldn't call but she texted back. Reyna face timed and it was so nice to talk to her. It feels so good every time we get to tell another person.

Really going to dial in my food this week because I have been eating pretty bad lately.

#FitPregnancy #Fitmom

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