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Pizza Date Nights Are A Must (Week 13) | Mesha's Pregnancy Journal

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Dialing in my food and tracking hard this week.

A goal is to hit my numbers every day until my birthday so I can feel good. I also want to enjoy some pizza this weekend from Talaricos (Date Night) so I want to make sure that my body is staying strong, building lean muscle and creating a healthy baby also to be strong, healthy and fit like me!

Motivation is high for me right now and I want to take full advantage of it.

Drinking at least 100oz of water a day and getting in my fruits and veggies. I still feel like I need to eat more veggies… something for me to work on.

Training is going ok but having a tough time dealing with working with all these lower weight percentages. It really is a huge mental challenge to know that I won't be pushing myself right now to make some sort of training/performance gain but instead I need to be maintaining. Also didn't feel like I could push myself today, feels like the baby is taking all my food LOL.

Feeling exhausted when I get home in the evenings and passing out around 11:30pm.

Neck is giving me some serious issues from the Snoogle pillow so taking a break from that and Albert is working on my neck so I can actually move it. The Snoogle has been amazing but adjusting to a new pillow is rough, give it a couple days before I go back to it.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Super productive day.

SORE AF after yesterdays squats and full on lower body day!

I love days like today when I get to work from home. They are so productive and I get to just keep checking things off my to-do list. I feel accomplished!

I need to do better with writing more in this journal and giving myself feedback on how I'm doing every day and how I can do better with my mindset, planning and interacting with others. It's my only opportunity for reflection and I know without reflection, I just end up getting stuck in a non-stop work routine.

Mini Goal: Be consistent with Journaling and reflecting.

Walked the dogs after I was done training clients today and it really is becoming a therapeutic process for me. I can't think about anything when walking Ranger and Kiko because they're usually all over the place but it is relaxing. Plus some days I don't get in any conditioning and the 2-3 miles I walk with the dogs is definitely working to keep some good cardio in my routine.

I was so tired, hungry, and exhausted when I got home today.

Ended up picking up some ice cream because we ran out of cookies and cream. (I ate it all LOL) Still no damn cheese Paqui chips to be found. They only had the spicy queso, I need to find these Cheese Paqui chips!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Felt really good today upon waking up.

Just my legs are STILL SO SORE!!!

Neck is feeling better though after Albert worked on it. He spent some time with active release on the traps and back then did some graston work. The graston on my neck was so painful but instantly felt better after getting some blood flow to the area.

I feel a little less bloated and less hormonal today. Only a little.

This week I've stayed pretty on point with eating better. I've been cleaning up my food slowly and tracking macros more consistently. Also, trying to stay away from junk during the week so I can enjoy some pizza this weekend. I've been thinking about Pizza all week!

A little stressed with all the back end work with Reign right now and finding out my grandpa is in the hospital and needs two surgeries for his knee. He got an infection from his knee replacement and there is a blockage in his artery behind his knee, so they are going to put two stents in to fix the blood flow.

Going to visit tomorrow and Friday. Really hope everything turns out well for him.

It's crazy that I could be stressed about all kinds of stuff and then when something like a family member going into the hospital happens... Nothing else really matters except for your family and health. Can't wait to go see him.

Picked up some groceries for tomorrow so I can have chicken for lunch! Where can I find PAQUI Chips!? Ever since 4th of July at the Jang's I've been trying to just down the cheese Paqui chips! Damn it.

Had some ab cramps in the evening and woke up in a hot sweat in the middle of the night. Abs and obliques are stretching and it definitely is uncomfortable. Ugh!

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Taking time in the mornings this week to prep fresh lunches and add in fresh veggies. I make Lunch for Albert and I.

I'm hungry all the time right now. I felt like I was eating a lot before I was pregnant and now I feel like all I do is eat. Working really hard to make sure that I continue to get in good meals filled with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. It's not difficult to do that in the mornings, pre and post workouts, and dinner but it's when I start craving snacks!!!!

Our team meeting today went really well!

Called my grandpa and talked to him a little bit. He seems to be in good spirits.

Neck is doing better and I know it's recovering but not 100%.- Can't wait for it to be back to 100% so I can train hard.

Legs are less sore today and I'm getting through the workouts well, just timed it off and when that happens I miss my "lunch" meal because I go straight into a coaching session. Pulled out my snack which was watermelon today and ate that instead even though we don't like coaches eating while working - I needed to eat!

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Had a Brunch/Nutrition Date with one of our coaches, Megan at Wild Wheat and had a great time catching up and spending time with her.

I should not have bought all those cookies from Wild Wheat Bakery/Cafe Lol but they are soOOo good and I love cookies. My breakfast was delicious tho.

Went with Albert to go visit Grandpa at Virgina Mason In Seattle today, we try to schedule during the middle of the day to avoid traffic and worked perfect. Met up with my Aunt Desi and Grandma in the waiting room - it was nice to spend time with them and catch up. We had baby cards to surprise both auntie and grandma with - they were super excited and cried a little. It was a very special moment despite being in a hospital waiting room.

We waited until he came out of the surgery and received an update from the Doctor. Surgery went well but we didn't get to see grandpa because he was in the recovery room.

After the hospital we decide to stick around Seattle because of traffic going back and ate a late lunch at sunset kitchen. Love supporting one of my friends who runs the restaurant but also we love their chicken sandwiches. It was such a beautiful day to walk around cap hill and eat lunch. Albert sat in the sun sweating so that I could eat my food in the seat with the shade. He was sweating a lot LOL!

We had some more time to kill so we decided to go to U Village to exchange the lulu tanks that were too big for me and even look for a pair of bigger pants. OMG! Can't believe I'm needing some bigger sized pants to fit into now.

They were so sweet to me when they found out why I needed some bigger pants and evens upraised They me with an additional 30% off on my purchase for the special occasion. So sweet! Totally made a "Not so Fun" experience into a memorable one and I'm so happy to be a part of the Lululemon Family.

We finally made it home and I was exhausted but the dogs were beating the heat laying around the house all day and needed to be walked so... we walked the dogs a bit and pick up some food.

Not the best day of eating but this baby wants all kinds of crazy foods! Despite eating out for all my meals today, I tracked the best that I could - made better choices with all the options we had, and felt good about doing that.

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

We held the Kettlebell workshop today and I had a cup of coffee. So yummy - seriously I think this is like the second time I've had part of a coffee in the last 5 weeks or so.

Kristi & Chris stopped by with a birthday gift for me but we also wanted to tell them the news.

Then we took our announcement photos and did a quick workout. Albert found a little mini weight set for kids and we used a letter board to say something announcing the pregnancy.

The workout was perfect. Felt good to sweat. Was hungry right after because we only had snacks during the day. Was full from yesterday still and couldn't really eat too much in the morning.

For dinner we headed to Talaricos, one of our favorite spots to get pizza. We were starving when we got there but had to wait about 30 minutes. It was okay because there was the West Seattle Block Party thing going on and we got to walk around. Albert was in such a good mood because we found parking right away LOL!

We got seated and ordered our usual pepperoni slices. Was disappointed in the taste. Lol! It wasn't as good as we remembered it but I also know we've had some amazing pizza lately. I think my taste is changing!

So full. No room for ice cream but had room for Doritos. Why can’t I find my paqui chips! Up late and watched a movie!

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Today was about getting things done.

We got to sleep in a little then it was straight to checking things off my to-do list because we had a lot to get done. Wish I had more time during the week to do some of these things.

We had to do the Laundry, Vacuum, Clean, then take the pups for a walk before it got too hot. It's been getting like 80 degrees by Noon.

I really, really, really wanted to eat Evergreen salad today but while we were on the way, Albert looked it up and realized they closed early on Sundays. I was pissed, blame the hormones. We decided to get Gyros instead and it was good. I wanted a Salad!!!

After that we went to DICKS to return some items and picked Parker’s bday gift. He's been playing a lot of baseball this summer and Albert wanted to get him some new game shades, something I guess that was important to him when he played little league.

We then finished up the rest of our errands... Costco and Meal Prep.

Went to visit Parker a little later into the evening to wish him a happy birthday and drop off his gift. He answered the door in his underwear LOL! It was 90 degrees today so I don't blame him and he's very comfortable just walking around in his underwear LOL! He loved his gift!

Came home and ate a huge salad for dinner and an ice cream cone for national ice cream day! Still loving my Salads because I get to put a little bit of everything that I need into it. It does take time because I have to weigh and measure all the ingredients but it's been such a saving grace so far with this pregnancy.

I’m gonna be so heavy and bloated tomorrow.

#fitmom #pregnancy

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