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My Birthday Week: Nike Employee Store, Family, Pregnancy Announcement (Week 14) | Mesha's Pregna

Monday, July 16th 2018

I felt pretty good this morning with my energy besides feeling bloated, heavy, more pregnant than usual.

It didn’t really hit me until I started working in the office and all I wanted to do was lay down and take a nap. A nap sounded so good!

Albert told me to go home early, but I made the decision to first do my workout then go home after that. I can't explain it but without a workout, especially if it was planned, just throws my day off. Mentally I needed it too.

Albert told me he would cover my barbell class for me so I could go home right after I got finished with my workout. Honestly, it was struggle to get through the workout and #175 felt heavy for my squats and I feel like this is my last week I’ll be able to do that weight for 3 reps.

My core feels weird, a little unstable, and I can tell my stomach is stretching. Abs are not as strong which is super important to have a stable core when you're squatting heavy so as sad as it is to say... I know backing off is the right thing to do for me and the baby.

I came home, ate, called Sheri (a close friend from Hawaii) and told her the news about the pregnancy and then did a couple emails. As soon as I sent that last email, I passed out until Albert got home around 8ish.

I napped for about 2 hours and I was out cold!

I was so tired. Still am. And hungry. I feel fat LOL. I want to feel less this way and feel more normal but I know that I'm just starting this journey.

Tomorrow is my bday, I hope I have a lot of energy and feel good. (Please be less bloated for my birthday.)

Tuesday, July 17th (My 34th Birthday!

The first thing I wanted to do when I woke up was share the good news on social media and finally tell everyone about the pregnancy.

And that's exactly what I did!

It felt so good to finally get the secret out and now hopefully everyone understands why I've been acting differently or why I've been so tired.

The response from Social media from both Albert's and My accounts was seriously amazing and honestly a bit overwhelming. Phones blew up from the moment it went up and didn't stop.

We had it planned to spend the morning together, which never happens during the week, but I just wanted a quiet morning spending time with my husband. I even kicked it off with my first coffee in 8 weeks, which was delicious, and instantly put me into an amazing mood.

Caffeine hit me pretty quick and I couldn't finish the coffee but still delicious.

Albert and I started my birthday off with getting Pedicures together which was so nice and felt so relaxing. We just sat there drinking our coffees, talking, and trying to ignore the notifications on our phones going absolutely crazy!

After the pedi's (which I know Albert secretly likes) we headed over to the water and had Brunch at Meet the Moon. It was so nice to spend the morning with him, share a yummy breakfast and enjoy the sunshine together. I love MEET THE MOON! I could go there anytime for brunch or their cookies!

An amazing morning led me to the gym which I was excited to get to considering everyone finally knew about the. pregnancy and the the rest of the was just full of more surprises. My little Sister surprised me with flowers and hello robin cookies (my favorite!), I had an awesome time training my clients and talking about the baby, and I got to workout twice today which was awesome.

I know Albert only let me train that much because it was my birthday LOL.

More friends surprised me towards the end of the. day at the gym: Scotia surprised me with flowers, Seon got me a yummy ‘Nothing Bundt Birthday cake’ that was White Chocolate Raspberry (YUM!) and Lauren & PJ showed and surprised us as we got to meet baby chiyo.

I got to hold her!!! So little! So beautiful!

It's kind of a tradition for Albert and I, to eat pepperoni pizza on our Birthdays so that's exactly what I did. Plus, I was craving it LOL.

Dinner was Jet City Pizza and a big salad.

Such a good night to finish the day with my Husband, the dogs, and Pizza!

Had more Cookies and opened gifts LOL!

Thankful for an amazing birthday!

Wednesday, July 18th 2018

Woke up today with social media still going crazy and still feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of love we are getting about the pregnancy. Feels good to have a community that is so supportive and equally excited for us.

Had a lot going on with my to-do list today and really had to get to work. Morning training sessions went really well and had fun seeing all my ladies get excited about the pregnancy. Everyone kept telling me that they knew it LOL. Makes me think I was acting really moody.

Got a sweaty workout in because it was Coach Willie's Birthday Workout and I only had to modify a few things.

I was so excited and blessed to be invited to dinner with my 5pm personal training ladies @ Hyatt waters table. Meant so much to me that they wanted to take me out and spend quality time outside of the gym. We had a great time talking and laughing however the food was bleh!

The service was worse and we all wanted a re-do somewhere else.

Pretty sure I can't wear my pink and red Lululemon pants anymore. They are definitely too tight and I swear it was making me go pee every hour. More than usual LOL!

Thursday, July 19th 2018

Yay for pooping!! It’s like a celebration when you can finally poop when you are pregnant. LOL!

My heart is still full from my birthday and I couldn't help but have a smile on my face all day. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm pregnant but people are so much nicer to you LOL.

Had a Dentist appointment for teeth cleaning. Felt good to get my teeth cleaned but reinforced how much I hate the dentist.

I really enjoyed my workout today, Albert programmed in some bodybuilding work and a killer shoulder finisher. I love doing the bodybuilding work because it's just lifting weights lol. Finisher had me sweating.

Was excited to spend time with Jodeci, she had Birthday surprise for me after work and it was a sur la table.

We got to make risotto and chicken skewers.

So much fun and made me really love risotto. It was nice to hang out, work on something together, and laugh. The other ladies in the class were fun to watch too! They wanted the risotto and I just wanted more chicken skewers because I knew I was low on my protein LOL.

Jodeci also got me this pepper shaker grinder and it is LEGIT!

I love that thing.

Friday, July 20th 2018

Kicked off the day with a very much needed wax appointment then headed straight to the gym afterwards to get in a workout with Albert.

Fun Workout, an every 3 minute on the 3 minute workout that gave me time to breathe but also got me very sweaty. I'm really liking the every minute style workouts because it really does teach me how to keep my breath better and time to recover.

Finished the workout and headed home to walk the dogs. I swear walking the dogs has truly been keeping me sane these days. Not only is it giving me some exercise (which is huge for me mentally) but it gives me time to think and reflect on everything going on.

Stopped by Evergreen for a delicious Salad, Finally! It was super difficult to get to and I wasn't even close to full when I got done but it was nice to try something new. It was supposed to only be a snack so I guess it's ok LOL. It was nice to sit outside and eat in the sun.

Note: All Lululemon pants are getting a little tight... will be needing a size 6 soon!

Had a little time to spend at home and get ready to go to meet up for dinner with Kristi and Chris at Din Tai Fung! It was so delicious and I've had a little craving for it for awhile so it was perfect. Plus, we haven't seen them in awhile and it was so nice to catch up and spend time with each other.

After dinner we head over to Vivo 53 for some dessert and they got drinks. We had lots of laughs and a good time talking!

Saturday, July 21st 2018

Today was a whirlwind of a day.

We woke up early to head down to Portland for a full day down there and only had a few things on our list of things to do.

Go get donuts, go to the employee store, eat lunch, and come home.

Besides having to stop a bunch so I could go Pee it was a smooth ride down, I slept a lot on the way down which was nice LOL.

We headed to downtown Portland first fro some donuts at Blue Star and I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or because I've been talking about them all week, they were extra delicious. Stopped by a cute little cafe on the way back and got a vanilla latte which was DELICIOUS!

The Nike Employee store was crazy, we got there early enough to get in the front of the line and spent a couple hours running around like crazy people. Albert get's a shopping cart, I get a shopping cart and then we meet back up in an hour to see what we can eliminate.

Ended up buying things mostly for other people, Christmas Presents, Shoes for all of our Coaches, and some bigger sweats for me to fit into LOL. Albert's picky so he couldn't really find anything he liked except a couple Paris of shoes.

We wanted to sit outside in the sun for lunch so we headed back downtown to TILT and ate some delicious chicken sandwiches! Made me sleepy on the ride home and I could tell Albert was getting a little sleepy too because he stopped by a gas station for an energy drink LOL.

Got home and took the dogs for a walk, felt bad that they were home all day but they were just sleeping in our bed when we walked in. Walked a couple miles with them which made me feel better about eating out for every meal.

Decided that we would go see a movie and chose one that we wouldn't fall asleep in. Watched Skyscraper with the Rock. Heart was pumping and my hands were sweaty the entire movie. We literally laughed in the car all the way home because of how intense that movie was.

Popcorn and peanut M & M's are the best combo ever.

Sunday, July 22nd 2018

We had brunch today with my family to celebrate my bday at Heartwood Provisions.

The food was pretty good.

I had a watermelon spritzer drink (no alcohol of course) and French toast but they had some funny compote on top and let's just say I'm not a fan. It was great to see my family, celebrate together, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

After brunch, Albert and I walked around downtown to digest the food a bit and get out in the Sun!

I can't remember the last time we were downtown, let alone walking around and just looking at things. We walked around Pike Place, which was super crowded, and ended up finding a place that sold cookies!

Also, stopped into the Kava store and finally got a over the shoulder hiking bag I've been eyeing for the longest. Used it right away.

Chilled for the rest of the day (it was hot) then Meal prepped for the week.

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