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I WANT SUSHI!!! (Week 15) | Mesha's Pregnancy Journey

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Woke up early to meet up with my friend Jen and hang out with her two boys at Downtown Bellevue Park. Haven't had a chance to see Baby Micah so was super excited to meet him. First time seeing her since my pregnancy announcement so we talked a lot about pregnancy and being a mom. Her boys are super cute!

The rest of the morning was all admin work, working on everything for the business. Even though all the admin stuff can stress me out and the to-do list feels like I'll never get through everything... I feel super productive checking things off my list and it reminds me of my old job as a TV Production Manager. (OMG those were crazy days)

Headed to the gym for a workout with Albert and was happy to get in a full training session. We did an EMOM workout that had DB snatches in it and those always get me sweating. Was super hungry and craving sushi after the workout so we went to sushi cafe and I ordered California rolls with no mayo. Then I started ordering all kinds of stuff LOL! Our waitress must of thought we were crazy and I know Albert wanted to say that "My wife is pregnant!".

I also ordered some chicken wings, noodles, fried rice, another sushi roll (pregnancy friendly), lol

There was no more room for anything else on our table.

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Today was our Barbell Level 2 Workshop for Intermediate Reign Athletes and it was 5 hours long!

I could definitely tell that my pregnancy is changing how I move but it was fun to do the drills with everyone and watch Albert Coach and teach. I wish I could do more!

I had to leave early for a hair blown out appointment and to get ready for Andy and Kristin's Wedding Reception tonight. I've been planning the dress to wear for a couple weeks now because of the baby bump - it turned out okay. It was a little long and today was like 90 degrees!

We headed out pretty early to get there because it was in Downtown Seattle and the torchlight festival was going on. What we didn't know was that a ton of roads were closed! Traffic was a nightmare but eventually we got there in time. (Everybody was running on Filipino/Asian time LOL)

Wedding reception was beautiful and intimate (like 100 people) and Albert couldn't really relax because he had to give a speech LOL! He was reviewing the notes on his phone the entire night before the speech.

He did great! He's always speaking in front of groups so I wasn't worried and everyone loved it.

Fun night but definitely felt pregnant in my dress! (I also missed not being able to drink while everyone was having a good time!)

Sunday, July 29th 2018

Morning kicked off early with a Lululemon Run at South Center Mall. It was good to see some of our Reign coaches and members there to support. I felt pretty good running just a little out of breath but overall pretty good! It was nice to run with Erika. (was only a couple miles but felt good)

It's always fun to see the other ambassadors and get a chance to catch up.

Met Albert at the gym and spent a couple hours cleaning. Reminded me of when we first opened Reign and we would have to do everything together with no help.

After the gym we had to make a quick stop at the golf store so that Albert could exchange some golf clubs. It was my first time in a golf store! Checked out the Women's clothes section and then I went outside to sit in the sun while Albert finished up LOL.

We had to make a couple stops before heading to my parents house. First stop was Seafood City, also my first time there. Reminded me so much of Hawaii and the grocery stores there. The smells, the people (hella asians lol), and all the older aunties.

Was so excited to eat the Filipino food my Mom and Dad made for me!

Headed home after a couple hours and walked the dogs because they were giving us the sad eyes LOL. And even though I was exhausted and had a lot of work to do - couldn't resist Kiko's puppy eyes and it was nice to get some walking in after dinner. I sweat walking has been keeping me sane!

Came home and did laundry, payroll, and spent time writing in my planner while eating an ice cream cone.

Ready for the week!

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