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Food Cravings In Full Effect and Put In Check (Kind Of) | Mesha's Pregnancy Journey (Week 19)

Monday, August 20th, 2018 (BABY PARK IS AS BIG AS A MANGO!)

Weird sleep night. It’s like I am half asleep and half awake around 5am-7am. Maybe it’s a sign to just wake up.

Training notes:

I noticed that my tailbone is sore when I sit down on the floor.

Hooray for Double unders! I can still do then and it’s a great way for me to keep my

I can still do 50 double unders in under 30s! Yes!

KEGAL exercises!

Because I’ve been peeing a little when I sneeze! Pregnant Ladies — you know what I’m talking about. 🤣

Did box squats today and I’m happy that i am doing them rather than regular squats since a week ago i noticed i was butt winking and unable to hold tension during my back squats. Single leg hip thrusts are a lot more challenging than they ever been — also because I am heavier!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Another Weird sleep night of feeling half asleep and half awake. Not sure if its because I am feeling a little stressed and anxious with work load, family in town and random other things like BEING PREGNANT! Hello!

However, today was an awesome today because I finished '100 Days To Brave’ !!

I am SO proud of myself for actually finishing a book especially a read and response. I have a tough time with finishing books so this is a huge success for me. I also walked the dogs 2.6 miles which probably wasn’t the best idea since the air quality is pretty horrible due to the forest fires.

My body feels pretty good today, I am down 3lbs since yesterday just by choosing better foods to eat, staying closer in my macro numbers and drinking more water. I have decided to make better efforts in my food choices during the week and weekends can be a little bit more flexible because I really want our Baby to be strong and healthy. I can’t blame everyone else for making me cookies, cake or muffins… right? LOL!

Also, if I refrain from buying snacks, they won’t be in the house — therefore, I won’t eat them! So, really trying to work on that, especially as we had into fall. Holidays are just around the corner and I am a sucker for baked goods.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Today I didn’t want to get out of bed.

My sleep has been decent but I just felt tired. Even though I was productive, I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the fall Challenge coming up. However —it was a great coaching day for me and I felt like I was really in my element and that gives you so much confidence. The weird thing was the cramps I experienced during Barbell Class today. The baby must be growing!

My Family from Hawaii arrived tonight and we all met for dinner at Din Tai Fung. I noticed that I am getting a little fuller faster and experiencing indigestion a lot more. It feels like a tummy ache and then I just feel like I need to be burped like a baby. Ha!

Sometimes I ask Albert to rub and pat my back like a baby so I can burp.

Reyna and Brent are staying at our place until Saturday and they brought us back some yummy Hawaiian snacks (my favs) along with the cutest baby t-shirt and book. We put it on the shelf in the guest room/baby room. Albert and I naturally want to make sure our guests feels at home and comfortable, especially if they are family so we stayed up later than usual to catch up, talk and enjoy a night cap with both of them. I was exhausted.

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Such a busy but fun day.

It started with my wax appointment in Kirkland. I love Kim. I’ve been seeing her since before I got married so she’s been waxing me now for almost 3 years. She is so great and is thorough.

After my wax appointment I drove to Burien to Be Yoga Burien to attend 'Lululemon 20th bday celebration.’ I attended their yoga class — holy crap it was hot in there. I was not expecting it to be like a Vinyasa (I think that is what it was) where we were constantly moving, using weights, and all of that. I sweating like crazy and had to take a break a few times.

After the yoga class, we were all gifted with the new lululemon bags with some goodies inside as well as some yummy cupcakes. The lemon one was yummy. Love being a Lululemon Ambassador!

When I got back to the gym I squeezed in another workout but I was SO hungry and felt light headed because I hadn’t really eaten much so I ate my PB&J (my fav go to) then did a fun workout Albert programmed for me that got me sweaty again. That workout left me tired, hungry and for some reason I also felt moody. I was way too lazy to cook dinner so I ordered Teriyaki to go with some California & Shrimp Tempura rolls (no sprouts or fish eggs) from Sushi Roll Roll. I love that place!

Brent and Reyna were out with friends for the night, so Albert and I spent the evening working on our laptops. While experiencing cramps and indigestion I Worked on nutrition plan for a new client and it took me a while to put together because I incorporated a variety of meal options for a whole week. A little bit challenging for me because I don’t normally do this for clients, but it’s also a great way for me to expand my nutrition menu especially for my other clients including myself.

I always love a good challenge!

Friday, August 24th, 2018

Started my Friday with walking the dogs with Taylor. It was nice to walk, get to know each other and just connect outside of the gym. After the walk, Albert and I headed to the gym with the pups because Reyna and Brent wanted to check out our new space since they hadn’t seen it yet and they also wanted to fit in a workout. It was nice to get a little sweat session in but my triceps were so sore from the day before.

I also couldn’t do a pull-up because I had done a bunch on Tuesday and I was still feeling it in my lats. When I tried doing one pull-up I felt it pull on my core a little bit as well so I did TRX Rows instead.

After the workout, we took Reyna and Brent out to lunch for Thai food. It was SOOOOO delicious. I love all the flavors and heat that is in the food. We mopped it up!

For dinner, we headed to my parents for a family fajita & smores night and everyone had a great time hanging out, catching up, eating lots of good food, having some drinks and sitting by the fire. I ate a little bit of everything. I didn’t track my food today but let’s just say I ate THREE S’mores. #totallyworthit

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Up early for a Saturday because I wanted to watch and help Megan coach the ladies participating in the Girls Gone RX Competition coming up in September. Brent and Reyna were up early as well because they are flying out today and have plans to meet up with Auntie Gaylen and Uncle Mario for brunch. It was great to see family and I hope they had a good time in Seattle.

On another note, It is really amazing watching the Reign ladies this morning take time out of their schedules to practice and work on getting better on their movements to prepare for this competition. They are all so inspiring and BAD ASS! I can’t wait to watch them compete!

After that, I got a much needed pedicure and Jodeci joined me to sit and catch up. I noticed that she seems to have a lot on her mind lately but doesn’t know how to express it — so I just wanted to let her know that I am here to listen and that I am here for her if she needs anything. Growing up is tough and learning how to deal with emotions is just challenging every day because some days you feel like you know what you are doing with you life at 21 years old while other days may seem like ‘what am I doing? what should I be doing? What do I really want to do?'

I felt tired and relaxed after the pedicure but I was craving donuts and wanted to make brunch with Albert, so I picked up donuts from Top Pot Donuts! Their best donut is the Buttermilk Old Fashion. (Pro Tip: Try the lemon glaze, maple glaze and chocolate glaze.) We made a delicious brunch together, ate donuts and binge watched some Netflix movies. Must watch: “To All The Boys I loved Before.” It’s a super cute movie.

I love days like this where we can just sit on the couch, relax, eat, fall asleep, wake up and repeat. We did squeeze in a little bit of work which was nice. I feel like every time I wake up on the couch and turn over, Albert is working on his Laptop Lol.

When it was time to eat dinner — guess what I was craving…AGAIN? Thai FOOD!

Yep, so we ordered some yellow curry, pad se ew, and vegetable special to eat with the rice I made. It was BOMB. We ate dinner while watching ‘Oceans 8’ which was pretty good and empowering to see all women actresses dominating the screen.

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Birthday Brunch in full effect for my little sister Divina’s 27th Birthday. Uncle Paul and Auntie Mayette are still in town so they joined us for a family brunch celebration at 'the Waters Table.’ Brunch was pretty good — (pro tip: the waffles are the best thing to get and to make your money’s worth, get the buffet so you can taste anything you want — especially since you can order your eggs as you want and waffles all for $26!)

Albert and I spent the rest of the day doing our usual Sunday stuff, grocery shop, laundry, clean, work, and meal prep. Pretty happy to get ahead - or at least try to for the week. Proud of myself to get into bed by 10pm and spent an hour or so reading “Crazy Rich Asians” up until I fell asleep.

#pregnancy #FitPregnancy

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