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Doughnuts and Fitness Competitions | Mesha's Pregnancy Journal (Week 22)


Monday, September 10th

I had the worst sleep last night and experienced my first pregnancy leg cramp.

It was pretty much like a charlie horse in my calf and it was so painful! I screamed and Albert was worried I was having contractions but I told him it was my leg. I literally was in tears. On top of that I woke up almost every hour to go pee. A little frustrated with my sleep and the crazy clown nightmare I had too. Weird dreams.

Mondays are busy and it feels like no matter how much work I get done by checking off things on my to-do list, there is STILL so much work to do. Because of the lack of sleep, I felt so bloated today.

I woke up my heaviest at 139lbs.

This can’t be correct.

I know I ate fried chicken so it could have been from the sodium?

All I know is that I had a tough time getting through my workout today. I almost wanted to quit, but Albert really motivated me and pushed me to finish strong.

I felt pretty good about how my barbell class went today, I spent extra time putting together a lesson plan, but I still think I could have done better.

Tuesday, September 11th

Woke up feeling less bloated.

The extra hour of sleep I think definitely helped along with the veggies and sweet potatoes I added back into my nutrition routine yesterday. My weight dropped back to 136.4lbs.

That is crazy!

Today, I met with the new Lululemon southcenter manager who will be taking over for Courtney since she just had her baby. Was great to talk about our upcoming events, support and what’s coming before my Ambassadorship ends in February.

It is pretty crazy to think that 2 years has already gone by so fast.

Did a fun WOD today that had me sweating! I did feel a little crampy and sore afterwards. My tummy has been feeling a little off these past couple days which has had me eating dinner late, getting full fast, going to bed late and leaving me with a tummy ache all night.

Wednesday, September 12th

Woke up at 5am to an empty bed.

I can’t believe Albert only slept 2 hours and then went to the gym to watch morning classes. Well, I believe it. If you know Albert, He’s crazy! One thing I admire about him is how much hard work and passion he puts into our business and how much time he invests into our team and community.

Overall, today was busy yet productive. I am proud of myself for getting our U.S. Census and PCI Compliance Reports done. Those things were stressing me out! It’s like those items on your to-do list that you know are going to take a lot of patience, time and effort and you save it for another day, and then another day and then you realize that you just gotta do it? I had to get that shit done today or else I was going to be behind.

I worked on bringing more intention to my coaching in barbell class by providing one thing for each person to work on for their back squats. It was awesome seeing everyone's squats improving since our last squat program.

This baby girl has got my tummy feeling all kinds of way today. I feel full - not too hungry - crampy and uncomfortable all at once. I had a tough time eating today. Nothing sounded good except french fries. haha! And That’s what I had for dinner!

Tried to get to bed earlier, I fell asleep around 9pm with Albert on the couch. He was so exhausted from the long day. I woke back up around 10pm to work on payroll.

Thursday, September 13th

I spent the majority of my day putting together the GGRX Goodie Bags for the ladies competing this weekend. Now that I think of it, I should have have taken a picture of them. I found the cutest cards and stickers at Target. I can’t wait to make little things like this for our daughter.

We had a guy come in to look at the dips in our flooring so we can get those fixed soon. It’s going to be a weekend construction event but its important to get the dips fixed before someone gets hurt!

Albert wrote me a fun and challenging conditioning WOD with running. It definitely felt different running today. I run slower that is for sure. I started to feel some uncomfortable cramping at the end of the workout so I know I need to slow down and work on my breathing better.

My cravings today was something fizzy and all carbs. I did not want to eat my protein but forced myself to. Sprite Zero was my friend along with mangos, apples, popcorn and rice crispy treats.

Friday, September 14th

SO apparently, I am snoring like crazy at night and I don’t even know that I am doing it! Albert says I am "sawing LOGS" and tossing and turning a lot in the middle of the night.

Walked the pups 2.5 miles with Albert and stopped by Starbucks for a Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew. Those are one of my favorite drinks.

Came home and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat. I hate it when that happens. Albert’s idea was to eat at our go-to Gyro spot. “Greek Express” is the bomb and I will forever love their fries. Was super full afterwards and walked around Target to try and find some rugs but couldn’t find what we were looking for.

We ended up hitting up Safeway on the way home to pick up some snacks so I could make Nachos. (I am craving Matador Nachos! I need to go there soon.)

We should have went to bed early but were up late watching ‘Sacario’ which is such a good movie. I had a tough time falling sleep after that and we have an early morning drive to bellingham.

Uh oh…

Saturday, September 15th

4 Hours of Sleep and off we drove to Bellingham to support and watch 18 ladies from Reign compete in the Girls Gone RX competition. I stayed awake for Albert and for the Donuts of course!

We stopped at the Donut Factory in Lynnwood to check out their cronut donut, since that is what they are known for.

My goodness, all their donuts were so sweet! One that caught my attention was the Red Velvet and their traditional cake donut with vanilla icing. I still consider Chucks Donuts my favorite donut shop to date. If there is a donut spot that I need to try, please let me know!

It was an amazing experience watching all of these ladies kick ass and push themselves outside of their comfort zone in each workout. It’s so inspiring and makes me want to get back out there once Baby Park gets out of my belly.

We were pretty tired and hungry when we left but we had planned to stop by the outlets on the way home to check out a couple spots for some goodies. Albert insisted we go to Cabelas and that place is so awesome! Pretty cool place and it is HUGE! I found myself a new beanie for winter.

For dinner we decided take out from our go-to spot ‘Sushi Roll Roll Roll’ and sat our butts on the couch to eat and watch ‘A Typical’ on Netflix. Great show, good food, lovely company equaled a good nights sleep.

What a day!

Sunday, September 16th

10 Hours of sleep later…

I felt pretty good. I honestly could have slept in longer if I had the option to. I have this conscious feeling sometimes that if I keep sleeping I am going to be behind on so many things that need to get done. It’s almost like a fear of mine.

It was a productive day and we met up with Jodeci at the YMCA. Albert has been working with her on her running on a Air Runner for her upcoming competition next weekend. Was cool to see her training hard and also motivating for me as a coach to watch Albert coach. David Jang joined in on the fun and I did a little workout while they did lots of running drills.

After the Y, we stopped at our local Newcastle Farmers Market to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. Spent the rest of the day cutting up fruits, veggies, getting laundry done, prepping food and getting some work done for the week.

The only thing that bothers me pregnancy wise is the inconsistency in my bowel movements.

Can I just get a good poop consistently every day? I am hoping tomorrow brings me some poop luck! Just sayin..

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