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Best Pregnancy Reveal Reaction | Chris and Ceybom

One of our most favorite things about the pregnancy, I'm sure many of you would agree, was being able to share the exciting news with friends and family. It was something we always looked forward to and when the time came, we wanted to find unique ways to share the news with everyone in our lives.

Unlike how Mesha shared the news with me…

No, she didn't try to surprise me with a pregnancy test wrapped up in a box or anything but It was more like…

"Hey, wake up. I think I'm pregnant, this test says it's positive."

I'm sure you could imagine how quickly I jumped out of bed followed by about 20 minutes of me trying to decode the pregnancy test. "Is it one line, one solid line and one faded line, two faded lines…" Google Search… Back to… "Is it two solid lines, maybe one half faded line with one…."

"Are you sure you peed on it?"

Well obviously the test was positive.

And even though it had been awhile since our vlog days (check out our Youtube Channel: Albert & Mesha's Youtube Channel for some of our old videos lol)…

We went ahead and tried our best to video document all of our pregnancy reveals to friends and family. I'll be 100% honest, at the time we both didn't really want to try and video everything (we thought it would take away from the experience) but now looking back, we are so happy that we got to capture some of these real, honest, happy memories to cherish forever.

And this is my favorite reveal to my best friend and his wife.

Okay, a little backstory on the video above:

I've known my best friend Chris literally since we were in diapers (32 years) and honestly he's more like a brother. Our parents have been friends forever, we grew up in the same neighborhood and did everything together from sports to music. We even grew up saying that we would "live in the same neighborhood and raise our kids together".


Chris and his wife Ceybom, told us the year before the video (in 2017) that they were pregnant with their son Jackson. They told us over our Annual Birthday Celebration for Ceybom and I, we have birthdays two days apart in June. (June 26th is my birthday if you want to mark it to send me a gift by the way).

It was a complete surprise and we were so excited for them!

Flash forward one year to Ceybom and my birthday celebration in 2018…

Mesha and I were pregnant this time and we were so excited to be able to return the favor and reveal our pregnancy over the same occasion. Not only were we revealing over the same occasion…

Our due dates were literally a couple weeks apart. However you probably know now, Harley decided to show up early on CHRISTMAS! Don't worry, I'm over it.

The best thing about the reveal:

When we found out about Mesha's pregnancy we were filled with so much emotion and so much overwhelmed with happiness like any couple would be! We were going to start a family and bring a baby into this world, something we've both dreamed of and hoped for.

But to have friends/family who were just as happy for us and emotional about the news truly meant a lot. It meant everything.

It was what Chris and I talked about our entire lives coming true…

"Getting to raise our kids together."

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